Device UDID Number

Finding your UDID Number for your device.

When asked to provide your UDID number, so we can send you a binary package for you to try on your iOS Device..

Click on the label which says serial number, this will change to show the UDID number.
Immediately the serial number changes to UDID Number Press and Hold CMD+C (MAC) or CTRL+C (PC), this will place your UDID number into your clipboard.

Now open a new mail or a text editor and Press and Hold CMD+V (MAC) or CTRL+V (PC), this will paste your UDID number from the clipboard into your mail/editor of choice.
This is the number you need to provide so you can install the demonstration app onto your device. When provided with the binary drag it and the profile file provided into iTunes. The app should then show up in your list of apps, select your device, and tick the app to sync to your device. Make sure that both file are dragged into iTunes, if the profile is not included the app will not have the correct entitlements to work on your device.

Note: If you have requested the app to appear in a genre category, it will not be correct when using a test binary. This is correctly selected during the release process of the App to the App store.

Verifying that the profile has correctly installed onto to your device. Open settings navigate to general then scroll to bottom of the table view. You should Profiles, which states n installed. click on Profiles.

In the list you should find a profile named (we will provide you with the profile name).
It may be as named in the example, but if your app as unique features we may need to provide you one specifically named for your app. Profiles expire after a given time, before this happens you will be given a notice that a new profile should be installed. Usually the app will be available to download from the app store, before this happens. But if you find that a new profile is required then please advise us before it expires.